L’ATTITUDE is an annual business conference geared especially towards Latino executives and entrepreneurs. This 4-day event is packed with valuable information that is provided to enlighten attendees on the New Mainstream economy and the US Latino cohort that is driving it. Sol Trujillo, one of the most successful and respected Latino executives in the world, created this conference when he realized that there was no conference in the world that really recognized and promoted the up-and-coming power and impact of the Latino population in the United States of America.

There are plenty of conferences every year for high-ranking corporate leaders to choose from. They all offer something different, but mostly, they focus on what they’ve been focusing on for the past 50 years: the traditional cohorts driving the economy that are quickly becoming less and less impactful when compared with the emerging cohorts in this country. Latino executives need to understand the importance of their cohort and the massive impact they are having on business in this country and beyond. It’s time to ask ourselves: Are we orienting our business model towards this up-and-coming population and opportunity they bring or are we lumping them in with the rest of the population? Are we aware of their unique tastes, needs, and influence?

L’ATTITUDE seeks to answer these questions and so much more. Latino executives are flocking to this conference year after year, and their numbers are increasing. They are waking up to the fact that the Latino cohort truly is the driver of the New Mainstream Economy, just as Sol Trujillo has been predicting and seeing for years.

Our most recent event included top speakers and entertainers, including current President of the United States (then candidate) Joe Biden; Grammy Award Winning Rapper/Singer Pitbull; founder of the Honest Company and actress, Jessica Alba; president and CEO of Nike, John Donahoe; chairman and CEO of Blackrock Inc., Larry Fink; nineteen time Grammy award winning producer and chairman of Estefan enterprises, Emilio Estefan; and of course, L’ATTITUDE co-founders and Latino executives Sol Trujillo and Gary Acosta, to name just a few!

The 2020 L’ATTITUDE event was live streamed and live cast (a first of its kind event) to viewers around the world! Stay tuned for updates as we are planning even bigger and better events in the future for Latino executives. Some people tell us that our event couldn’t get any better, and we’ve been hearing this for years now, and then we set the bar even higher, year after year.

Our tens of thousands of past attendees are now blocking out their calendars every single year as soon as we release our dates for the next conference. Latino executives are making L’ATTITUDE the MUST attend event of their year. This is where we get inspired, learn, and rub shoulders with real influencers and the sharpest minds in business. The future is now, the future is L’ATTITUDE. We look forward to bringing Latino executives more and more exciting and informative content for years to come.