SEPTEMBER 01, 2020

With confirmed participants identified, L’ATTITUDE has become the most important business event of the year.

Because it’s live-cast, anyone can attend. And everyone who cares about our economy, should.

When the first partial list of participants confirmed to be part of L’ATTITUDE 2020 was released on August 17, it brought attention to just how important this year’s event is to the restart and rebound of our economy. Among those who will be talking about the New Mainstream Economy and the critical role of U.S. Latinos leading it are:

Larry Fink – Chairman & CEO BlackRock, Inc.
Brian Moynihan – Chairman of the Board & CEO Bank of America
John Donahoe – President & CEO Nike, Inc.
Almar Latour – CEO Dow Jones & Publisher Wall Street Journal
Hans Vestberg – CEO Verizon
Oscar Munoz – Executive Chairman United Airlines
Tony Vinciquerra – Chairman & CEO Sony Pictures Entertainment
Jose Cil – CEO Restaurant Brands International
John Furner – President & CEO Walmart U.S.
Ryan Marshall – President and Chief Executive Officer PulteGroup, Inc.
Ryan Schneider – Chief Executive Officer and President Realogy
Roger Crandall – Chairman, President & CEO MassMutual
Maria Teresa Kumar – President and CEO Voto Latino
Rick Gomez – Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing,
Digital and Strategy Officer Target Corporation
Diego Scotti – Chief Marketing Officer Verizon
Fernando Machado – Global Chief Marketing Officer Burger King
Leila Cobo – VP/Latin Industry Lead, Billboard
Eva Longoria – Actress/Entrepreneur/Philanthropist
Jose Andres – James Beard Award Winning Chef and Humanitarian

When you are among the thousands expected to register, you will hear from these and many more leaders across the American landscape up close and personal, be able to ask questions, and engage with others. The group of leaders gathered together by L’ATTITUDE will likely never be assembled again, making this a unique opportunity to learn from them, to gain insight into their business strategies for economic growth, and be inspired with new thinking about your own business or career.

As Sol Trujillo, co-founder of L’ATTITUDE says, “This is like a mini-MBA in the New Mainstream Economy.” He considers L’ATTITUDE a must-attend event for every U.S. Latino business professional, business owner, entrepreneur, media and entertainment professional, and political influencer.

Complete details and registration are available at

The bad news about the good news

At a time when most people expected to see lower spending because of coronavirus disruption to American lives, Bloomberg News reported that the largest American retailers all reported sales in the latest quarter that blew away expectations. That was good news for investors in Americanbehemoths such as Amazon and Target, but there is fear that the growth of some of America’s largest companies was stimulated by the loss of retailers who have been forced to close or have gone out of business.

Because half of Americans are employed by a small business, the fate of so many small business retailers has become extremely worrisome to the ability of our country to recover, and even more worrisome to the number of families reeling from unemployment and unable to afford food, rent, and healthcare.

The numbers are frightening

As reported in USA Today, a shocking 57.3 million workers have filed for unemployment in the past 22 weeks.

A recent survey by the National Federation of Independent Business found that about 22% of firms that received money from the Paycheck Protection Program have already fired workers or expect to lay off at least one worker after the loan term expires.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 27% of adults missed their rent or mortgage payment in July. Tens of thousands of families are in danger of losing their homes, unable to pay their rent, with total back rent owed by renters already at $21.5 billion.


of adults missed their
rent or mortgage
payment in July.

If enhanced unemployment benefits are not put into place by Congress, the National Bureau of Economic Research has determined local spending will decline by 44%, further impacting small business at the local level as well as local governments depending on sales taxes.

The Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program for unemployed Americans who have exhausted the 26 weeks of unemployment benefits they get from their state has grown from 27,000 people on April 1 to 1.3 million as of August 1. The number of recipients has been over 1 million for four straight weeks, increasing each week.

Census Bureau Small Business Pulse Survey shows pandemic impact

The Pulse Survey identified the business sectors that have been the most and least impacted by COVID-19. In this latest survey, 44% of respondents said they believe recovery for their business will take at least six month or longer, while 10% said they do not expect to ever recover

We compared their findings regarding the sectors impacted to the sectors of our economy that have the largest U.S. Latino employment. We know the negative impact on small business owners has been significant, which impacts 5 million U.S. Latino small businesses. In addition, the chart below indicates that the other areas with high U.S. Latino employment most negatively affected are accommodation & food services and educational services. While manufacturing is among the top six U.S. Latino employment sectors, it was not included in either category resulting from the Pulse survey.

Those sectors of high U.S. Latino employment that are among the least affected include construction, waste management & remediation, and professional services.

Top 5 Sectors with Larger Negative Impact

 Accommodation, Food Services

 Arts, Entertainment, Recreation

Educational Services

Mining, Quarrying, Oil & Gas Extraction

Other Services

Bottom 5 Sectors with Smaller Negative Impact

Waste Management, Remediation

Professional Scientific, Technical Services


Finance, Insurance

U.S. Latinos are Fundamental to the Coronavirus Fight and Paying the Price

This story in the Los Angeles Times calls attention to the disproportionate representation of U.S. Latinos in essential work settings such as healthcare facilities, farms, factories, grocery stores, and public transportation. For example, 28% of all medical assistants and 38% of all food processing workers are U.S. Latinos. That means their work requires them to leave home and interact with the public. That means they are at greater risk of coming in contact with infected people.

That is one reason official statistics show that U.S. Latinos are hospitalized and dying from the coronavirus at four times the rate of non-Latino
whites. A national poll released by SOMOS, UnidosUS, and MoveOn revealed additional challenges being faced by U.S. Latinos.

• For employed Latinos, more than a quarter reported their employer wasn’t providing PPE or sanitizer and that they didn’t feel safe doing their job.

• When asked about stimulus checks, 31% of US-born Latinos and 45% of Latino immigrants said they had received no payment.

• More than half reported getting no break on their April, May, or June rent or mortgage payments.

• Among Latino small business owners, 49% reported having difficulty accessing small business loans.

• Only 12 percent of Latino business owners polled between April 30 and May 12 received the PPP funding they had requested.

This may be the most important event of the year for U.S. Latinos – and you should be part of it.

September 24 – 27 is L’ATTITUDE 2020, a world-first, live-cast, on-stage, interactive, four-day event, streamed to you wherever you are, on whatever device you prefer.

L’ATTITUDE is the only business and media event focused on The New Mainstream Economy, driven by U.S. Latinos. Our national platform showcases the contributions of U.S. Latinos in business, media, politics, science, and technology. This year, L’ATTITUDE has a critical role to play in calling attention to the many ways our country is depending on the U.S. Latino cohort to help catalyze the Restart and Rebound of the New Mainstream Economy.

Your participation can help catalyze faster, more profitable growth not only among our U.S. Latino cohort, but also for our entire country. Think of this as a mini-MBA in the New Mainstream Economy and an opportunity to educate yourself in all the ways U.S. Latinos are influencing and driving the future of America. This is information you can use to help champion U.S. Latinos in your own community, identify new connections valuable to your work and career, gain new insight into business and professional ideas you can use, and to be inspired.

There is not better way to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month than to be part of L’ATTITUDE 2020. Tell your friends and peers about it. Make sure they, too, register. Get all the details, see the agenda, and REGISTER TODAY at

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