Are you a Latino entrepreneur? L’ATTITUDE is an annual conference focusing on the New Mainstream Economy and the Latino Cohort that is driving it. This is THE premier Latino entrepreneurship event in the United States. This event hosts top speakers including corporate CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, and so much more. The focus is to educate business leaders about the value of the Latino community in the New Mainstream Economy that we see emerging in the United States right now.

Each year at L’ATTITUDE, Latino entrepreneurs gather from around the world to participate in this exciting 3-day event. We have adapted our conference to the circumstances of the pandemic and our most recent and upcoming Latino entrepreneurship events are being delivered as first of their kind, livestream, livecast events. Participants are able to join L’ATTITUDE from the comfort of their location without having to travel.

Our conference truly is a unique experience that every Latino entrepreneur should be considering if they want to truly grasp this amazing time for the Latino cohort. Where else can you connect with CEOs, small business champions from congress, top celebrities and entertainers, and emerging new talent? Where else can you mingle with other Latino entrepreneurs and exchange ideas and really position yourself at the cutting edge of today’s economy?

We have created this event for those of us who are ready to look forward, to think outside the box, and who recognize the value of the Latino cohort in the New Mainstream Economy. There may be other Latino entrepreneurship events out there, but none of them are backed by the experience and recognition of L’ATTITUDE.

Each and every year, our conference is sponsored by top sponsors. In 2020, our sponsors included Wells Fargo, Home Depot, Bank of America, American Express, Century 21, PepsiCo, Qualcomm, Morgan Stanley, and so many more! These amazing sponsors understand the importance of Latino Entrepreneurs for the growth of our economy in the 21st century. It’s no coincidence that the smartest minds in business, entertainment, and politics are investing their time and energy in this conference and making their presence known. They see the future, the future is now, the future is in the hands of the Latino Entrepreneur in the United States of America.

Sol Trujillo is the founder of L’ATTITUDE, and his track record truly is the embodiment of Latino entrepreneur success. Sol was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He defied the odds of a Latino born in the United States at that time to eventually climb the ranks in several Fortune 150 companies. He became the youngest executive officer in the history of AT&T and he became the first American born Latino CEO of a Fortune 150 company. (US West).

When Sol scanned the conference landscape for premier Latino entrepreneurship events, he simply couldn’t find anything. Being the resourceful person that he is, he decided to create it himself. It’s called L’ATTITUDE and it’s an event you don’t want to miss!