L’ATTITUDE is more than just a small business conference. It is more than a Latino conference. It is more than a Latino professional meet up. L’ATTITUDE is much more. There are plenty of conventions for Latinos in California. What ranks l’ATTITUDE at the top of the list for best conferences for entrepreneurs?

Conferences for entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. There are professional development conferences, conferences for small business owners, and so many more types of events. L’ATTITUDE was created by Sol Trujillo and Gary Acosta to be the premier Latino conference in the world with a focus on the New Mainstream Economy and the Latino cohort that is driving it. Our Latino professional meet up is the most successful and exciting of all the conventions for Latinos in California. How do we know? Because we’ve done our homework.

When scanning the field for the best conferences for entrepreneurs, we asked ourselves. Which conferences for entrepreneurs offer a focus into the key to the future of our economy? Why is nobody really talking about the Latino cohort? We deliver professional development conferences each and every year for our attendees to truly thrive in business. For them to truly connect with this massive market and all the potential it has to offer.

Our Latino conference features an amazing lineup of guest speakers and entertainers, each and every year. Recently, our Latino professional meet up featured president of the United States, Joe Biden who spoke about the current state of the economy and the role his administration plans to serve for the Latino cohort. President Joe Biden doesn’t go around speaking at all the conventions for Latinos in California. He chose to speak at L’ATTITUDE for a reason.

Another speaker at our recent event was Cesar Conde, the Chairman of NBC Universal Group. Top executives like Mr. Conde know about the best conferences for entrepreneurs and they schedule their limited time wisely. If they choose to speak at L’ATTITUDE its because they recognize something important and valuable when they see it. Conferences for entrepreneurs come a dime a dozen, but an event like L’ATTITUDE only happens once per year. Professional development conferences are everywhere. But L’ATTITUDE stands out because we are really delivering something unique and of highest value.

If you are currently researching online for all the conferences for small business owners that you can attend this year, we have one suggestion. Save yourself time and money, and just select one conference that will offer everything you need. It’s called L’ATTITUDE and it provides insight and understanding on the New Mainstream Economy and the US Latino cohort that is driving it.

Check out our schedule and be sure to purchase your tickets for this year’s event well in advance. We are standing by and ready to provide you with an experience you will never forget. We offer the best conferences for entrepreneurs each and every year. Conferences for small business owners don’t get any better than L’ATTITUDE. See you soon!