L’attitude 2020
a guide to your virtual live-cast event


Here’s everything you need to know about attending our 2020 live-cast event.

Register for L’attitude 2020

1. Show your L’ATTITUDE and get registered for our 2020 Event. It’s easy!
2. Head over to our registration page
3. Select A Full Four Day Pass or Single Track (which is the equivalent to a 1 day pass)
4. Click the link and it will take you to our registration site
5. Fill out required fields.
6. That’s it. You have L’ATTITUDE. You’re registered!

You will received a follow up email with all of your necessary registration details. Don’t forget to flag it in your inbox. You’ll need to remember which email you used to register, to sign into our event.

P.S. If you really want to show us that you’re a true driver of The New Mainstream Economy, don’t forget to fill out your survey, it will not only provide key insights; but it will enter you for a chance to win a lease to a 2021 Lexus IS or a private dinner in Miami with Emilio and Gloria Estefan!

Your ticket for the event

Your ticket to the event is the email with which you registered. That’s all you need!

Once you get to our hub platform and/or mobile app, you will create a password for the event; but really you shouldn’t need to log in again once you have signed in once. But, in the case that you do, keep your email address and your event password handy!

Should you run into any trouble, you can call our help desk here: (619) 500-7495

L’attitude 2020 event location

The L’ATTITUDE Event takes place HERE*:


*remember this is different location from our lattitude.net website that you’re used to visiting.

*if you visit our event hub our app prior to the event, please note that you will not have access to full event content. All event content be available when the event goes live on Thursday, September 24.

You must be register for our event to access event session and all event content.

Get ready for the event


Make sure you have our event hub location bookmarked:


Have your ticket in hand: This is the email address which you used to register for the event.
REMEMBER: Once you get to our hub platform and/or mobile app, you will create a password for the event; but really you shouldn’t need to log in again once you have signed in once. But, in the case that you do, keep your email address and your event password handy!


Web Browser Recommendation: For the Optimal L’ATTITUDE 2020 Event Experience, we recommend you use Chrome as your web browser.

You will be able to access and experience our event on all web browsers, but Chrome will provide you with the best experience.


Many of you work for institutions that have firewalls in place; please be sure to contact your IT departments and ask that they allow you access to our event hub: hub.lattitude.net so that you have full access to our event.

Take it to go – on mobile

When you’re in demand, you’re on the no the move. So, take L’ATTITUDE 2020 to go!

Download our mobile app:

Your log-in credentials on your mobile app are the same for your desktop experience. Just use the same email you used to register for the event!

*If you are a return L’ATTITUDE Event Attendee, please delete the previous version of your app and re-download the L’ATTITUDE 2020 Event App to eliminate any bugs

* If you use the search bar for our app, please be sure to search by L’ATTITUDE (spelled correctly)

Suggestions for success

We always strive for success! So a few pointers to make your event experience as incredible as it can be.

We suggest simultaneously experiencing our event on both desktop and on mobile. That way if you’re multi-tasking you don’t miss a thing.

Don’t forget to use Chrome as your browser. And, don’t forget to have the most recent updates on your desktop and mobile!

Remember, if you access our hub or mobile app prior to the event – you will not get a full event experience. The full event experience will be live on Thursday, September 24.


When you have L’ATTITUDE, you’re in demand. That’s why we have all of our sessions on-demand.

If you miss or can’t watch a session live. We have you covered. You can watch everything on-demand after a session has finished. Just head to “on demand” on our event hub.

Don’t miss a thing

We never want you to miss any updates our announcements so, make sure you’re checking our announcement notifications in your navigation bar. You will see a red icon appear when there’s a new message.

Get personal

Don’t forget to set up your attendee profile. We want to get to know you, as do your fellow L’ATTITUDE attendees! Just because we are not together doesn’t mean you can’t network!

Socialize and network


Make sure to stay connected with you fellow L’ATTITUDE attendees. Fill out your attendee profile, leave comments and pictures on our “Get Social Page.” Share your posts on social media. Visit our photo booth. We want to hear and see from you!

If you post on our event hub and to social media, you will be broadcast on our digital channels!  So, show your L’ATTITUDE!

Our official social media handles and links are:

official hashtag: #lattitudeiseverything

Commonly Used Hashtags:





Open 24 hours

Our event hub will be accessible for 24 hours a day from Thursday 9/24–9/27. Visit us anytime!

we are here for you

If you still have questions, make sure to check out our FAQ
Or feel free to call our help-desk (619) 500-7495

Download Live Event How To Guide PDF
Event FAQ’s

We hope you enjoy L’ATTITUDE 2020 Live-Cast Event!


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