Elsa Collins

Raised on both sides of the border (San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico), Elsa received her B.A. and Masters Degree from Stanford University as well as her JD from Columbia Law School. Elsa is the founder of The Ideateur, a social impact and civics consultancy helping move the needle for justice.

Elsa works with organizations who are on the frontlines of many issues in the United States today, including increasing voter registration and participation amongst the Latinx community and other marginalized populations; protecting the undocumented; and promoting racial and religious harmony and gender equality. Collaborating with these organizations, the activists, and influencers is key when one is trying to affect change. Working closely with groups like Fair Count, Black Lives Matters, I am A Voter, the Golden State Warriors, Voto Latino, She Se Puede and Harness, she fights for equality in all spheres.

She most recently co-founded alongside Eva Longoria and America Ferrera amongst others, the new digital lifestyle platform created by Latinas for Latinas – She Se Puede. With the goal of turning out all eligible Latina female voters, She Se Puede is a home for empowerment and for affecting change.

She is also the co-founder of This Is About Humanity which has led national donation drives for separated children and unaccompanied minors and awareness-raising trips to the border to learn more from separated families, deported parents, unaccompanied minors and veterans. Currently, they are supporting COVID-19 relief efforts for these vulnerable families. She received the Champions of Social Justice Award from Immigrant Defenders Law Center and she sits on the Leadership Council of The Little Market as well as the board for the Alliance of a Healthier Generation.

Elsa has penned essays for Parents Latina addressing how to talk about race with your children and address gender bias when raising children. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Jarron, raising 3 multicurial, multiracial and multilingual children.