Our conference addresses the issues of Latino Politics as well as Latino Politics in America. L’ATTITUDE is a business conference initiative designed to enlighten executives, entrepreneurs, businesspeople and others about the nature of this new mainstream economy and the US Latino cohort that is actually driving it. Business leaders of companies of all sizes gather at our conference to learn about these ever-important issues.

Latino politics are a key feature of our conference. We recognize that Latino politics in America and business really do go hand in hand. We need to connect with our elected officials and really understand their policies and outlooks with regards to the Latino American cohort.

A key driver of Latino politics happens to be the economic status and success of the United States and the world beyond. This is why we host key figures and voices for Latino politics in America each and every year at L’ATTITUDE. Our 2020 conference, as an example, featured President of the United States, Joe Biden. Our president understands the importance of the Latino population in our country and their influence on the economy and GDP. He understands the need for economic and political policies that take into account this cohort.

Another speaker at our 2020 event was L’ATTITUDE co-founder, Sol Trujillo. Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming in the 1950’s, Sol understands what it means to work your way to the top of business in America. At this stage of his career, he recognizes the importance of Latino politics and he specifically aims to influence Latino politics in America so that our country can be greater and more prosperous for all.

Fernando Machado, the Global Chief Marketing Officer for Burger King also featured at the 2020 event which was a virtual conference and a first of its kind livecast on stage event that attendees could tune into and participate in from locations around the globe. Latino Politics in America are crucial at this time as we consider that the Latino population is increasing as a proportion of the total population of this country. Latino politics will continue to be heavily influential for business in this country and beyond.

Oscar Muñoz is the Executive Chairman at Untied Airlines. He was a speaker again at the 2020 conference. He is respected for his knowledge and insights when it comes to the New Mainstream Economy. It’s no coincidence that so many high-profile Latinos in the United States have become a part of L’ATTITUDE. We are continuing to grow, each and every year surpassing expectations and continuously raising the bar we set in previous years. Latino politics and Latino politics in America especially will continue to play a valuable role in the future prosperity of this country. Our conference is here to enlighten all attendees and ensure that they are able to really be a part of the exciting road ahead for our economy and the Latino cohort that is playing such an important role.