L’ATTITUDE Match-Up is a first-of-its-kind event created to change the Latinx fundraising paradigm in an exciting and inspirational competition, which matches U.S. Latino entrepreneurs with venture capital investment.

Latinx entrepreneurs had presented their businesses, their social impact, their growth potential, and their plans for how an equity investment enable them to scale.

Match - Up was created to spotlight leading Latino entrepreneurs and provide a foundation on which the investment community can build, understanding that U.S. Latinos are a powerful source of investment growth

Tracks to compete in:

Engines of Job Creation – job-creating technologies or businesses that directly or indirectly address employment for Latinos
Educational Attainment – addressing education disparities in the Latino community, either with or without technology
Financial Strength – financial technologies, services or financial intermediaries that increase access to financing and financial services for Latinos
Engineering Prowess – companies with a product or service that addresses engineering challenges on a broad scale
Healthy Communities – health tech and healthcare, addressing health disparities or increasing access to health care in the LatinX communities
New Economy Services – tech-enabled, traditionally analog businesses which are made scalable by the tech engagement
Media – businesses which include social media and other forms of media engagement
Data Analytics – companies that use technology to source or analyze data in new and interesting ways

Applicants can be in a tech field or a tech-enabled traditional business, so long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Revenues of $1M+
  • Seeking equity investment ($250K+)
  • Have a LatinX founder(s) with at least 20% equity stake in the company
  • Company duly organized as a C corp or LLC in the US
  • No outstanding judgments against the Company (lawsuits, etc.)
  • If selected, would prepare and present in person at the L’ATTITUDE Match-Up event in San Diego, CA
  • Willing to make a contribution in equity to the L’ATTITUDE program (applies to winning companies only that receive investment from L’ATTITUDE Match-Up)
Got what it takes to participate?
*Registration to L’ATTITUDE is necessary to participate. *NAHREP Members Please Register for L’ATTITUDE HERE