In 2019 L’ATTITUDE Match-Up Competition Results in Investments Totaling $2.9 Million

Seven early stage U.S. Latino entrepreneurs received $2.9 in investments in the first Match-Up competition at the annual L’ATTITUDE event in 2019. Match-Up is the first-of-its-kind event in the country focused on matching U.S. Latino entrepreneurs with sources of capital.

Spotlighting Leading Latino Entrepreneurs

U.S. Latinos are creating over 80% of the net new businesses in this country but continue to be under-capitalized compared to non-Latino start-ups, preventing them from scaling to their full potential, which is costing the overall American economy. For example, the Stanford State of Latino Entrepreneurship study found that in 2012 alone, if all Latino-owned businesses averaged the same yearly sales per firm as all non-Latino owned businesses, $1.38 trillion would have been added to the economy.

Match-Up was created to spotlight leading Latino entrepreneurs and provide a foundation on which the investment community can build, understanding that U.S. Latinos are a powerful source of investment growth.

The seven companies selected by a panel of professional LatinX venture investors for major investments included:

Ares Materials

Founded by David Arreaga

Based in Plano, Texas, Ares developing novel transparent polymer materials for the next generation of truly flexible mobile, wearable and embedded electronics. The company was founded by David Arreaga.


Founded by Sergio Almaguer

Yaydoo is a procurement automation platform that allows companies to streamline their purchasing process from vendor sourcing to accounts payable. The company was founded by Sergio Almaguer and is based in San Francisco.


Founded by Roberto Angulo

Recruitology, based in San Francisco, California, is a machine learning technology to help connect employers with the best job candidates.

Bedrock Analytics

Founded by Will Salcido

Bedrock Analytics makes it easy for CPG manufacturers to turn raw scan data into compelling and convincing sales stories for retailer buyers. Based in Oakland, California, the company was founded by Will Salcido.


Founded by Ana Bermudez

TAGit, a San Diego, California based company founded by Ana Bermudez, is a mobile app that allows TV viewers to buy items from their favorite shows.

MyMoney MyFuture

Founded by Ramona Ortega

A financial tech company, MyMoney MyFuture combines tailored content and simple to use tools to help Millennials, particularly young women and minorities, manage their money with confidence. Ramona Ortega founded the company based in Brooklyn, New York.


Founded by Tony Aguilar

Chipper, an Austin, Texas based company founded by Tony Aguilar, is a payments and rewards mobile app designed to help student loan borrowers pay off their student debt faster.

2019 Panel Of Investors

The panel of investors for the 2019 Match-Up competition included individuals who are well-known in the investment world, including:

  • Noramay Cadena, Managing Partner, MiLACapital
  • Samara Hernandez, Founding Partner, Chingona Ventures
  • Roman Leal, Managing General Partner, Leap Global Partners
  • Ana Quintana, Managing Partner, Black Diamond Ventures

The $2.9 million of investments committed in 2019 does not include additional funding pledged and/or being considered by additional investors and capital sources who will un-dertake due diligence.

The Match-Up competition is held annually in conjunction with the L'ATTITUDE event.


The program spotlights U.S. Latino entrepreneurs who are creating jobs and producing more than $700 billion in GDP annually.

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