what is match-up at L’attitude?

Match-Up at L’ATTITUDE is a nationally broadcasted pitch night of highly-curated and competitive startups that are Latino led and owned. Founders compete for early-stage venture investments of at least $250,000.

In 2019, Sol Trujillo and Gary Acosta, with key investments from Marc Benioff of Salesforce and Oscar Munoz of United Airlines, created the inaugural L’Attitude Ventures fund and built a scalable deal sourcing and curation platform to directly address a troubling economic cost to our country: the underfunding of Latino entrepreneurs.

Check out the 2020 Match-Up Replay Video

Check out the 2019 Match-Up Recap Video

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how to compete

L’Attitude Ventures is accepting online applications for Match-Up 2020 on Sunday, September 27, 2020. Match-Up 2020 expects an even stronger cohort of 8 to 10 pitch night competitors.

To compete, startups apply via an online portal and submit pitch decks, videos, and other diligence information. A L’Attitude Ventures committee screens the applicants and identifies candidates with the best business cases, addressable markets and industry dynamics, and founding teams.

investment criteria

  • Latino founder(s) with at least 35% ownership
  • Seed to Series A stages
  • Seeking at least $250,000 in current funding round
  • Generating revenues (Series A)
  • Technology or technology-enabled solutions
  • US organized/incorporated
  • If selected, must pitch at Match-Up

Application Process

Via an easy-to-use online portal, founders answer eligibility questions and upload a pitch deck, video intro, term sheet, and diligence materials.

60+ Applicants

Applicants are screened and ranked across the following features:
  • Business case and strength of product/solution
  • Addressable market and competitive landscape
  • Industry and market dynamics
  • Leadership team, firm values, and societal impact

top 20 ranking applicants proceed

Fund investment committee formally reviews the top 20 applicants and selects a "pitch cohort" of the best 8 to 10 applicants who will compete at the Match-Up event. Pitch Cohort bring their best to Match-Up, elevating their profile to investors nationally.

~8 pitch night finalists confirmed

Panel of leading VC funds including LAttitude Ventures, evaluates and challenges the founders with final questions, live on-stage. The top 4 pitches receive at least $250,000 each, subject to final diligence.

4 finalists receive $250,000+

Match-Up prioritizes technology-based solutions across key categories

  • Workforce Development Strengthening US workforce participation and success, including retraining workers
  • Healthy Communities Improving healthcare, food production and access, and the environment
  • Media and E-Commerce Capturing the mobile-first driven evolution in media and e-commerce
  • Educational Attainment Broadening and strengthening tools for educators, students, and parents
  • New Economy Services Tech-enabling traditional analog businesses, small and large
  • Financial Advancement Modernizing and distributing financial solutions and access to urban and rural communities
  • Engineering the Future Solving large scale challenges for our economy, communities, and environment
  • Data Analytics Leveraging data to drive efficiencies and positive outcomes for small and large enterprises

Mission and Purpose

The mission of Match-Up is to catalyze the primary driver of US economic growth, the US Latino cohort which represents a $2.43 trillion economy, 12% of US GDP, and nearly 30% of growth in US real income. This cohort is young, growing 6x faster than the rest of the US population, and has a higher workforce participation rate.

Match-Up and its primary pool of capital, L’Attitude Ventures, captures and catalyzes this high growth cohort by coupling early-stage direct investments with the unmatched operational, industry, and strategic resources of Sol, Gary, the broader L’ATTITUDE platform, and a coalition of trusted Latino-committed funds, organizations, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders.

In 2019, Sol and Gary, with key investments from Marc Benioff of Salesforce and Oscar Munoz of United Airlines, created the inaugural LAttitude Ventures fund and built a scalable deal sourcing and curation platform to directly address a troubling economic cost to our country: the underfunding of Latino entrepreneurs.

Despite being one in every four new entrepreneurs, 72% of Latino founders face funding shortfalls, 70% rely on personal savings, and only 1.8% are venture-backed. Over the last decade, the number of Latino business owners grew 34%, compared to 1% for all business owners in the US. If the average revenues of Latino firms matched non-Latino-owned firms, an additional $1.38 trillion would be added to the US economy. The numbers are impressive even within partner programs like the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI), where the 584 Latino founders have annual combined revenues of over $3 billion.

Match-Up is a long-term resource for Latino founders

Match-Up captures the most transformative Latino startups with an accessible online deal sourcing platform, straightforward investment criteria, and an unparalleled national stage, Match-Up.

In addition to closing the funding gap facing Latino founders, L’Attitude Ventures recognizes the importance of strategic and operational resources that accelerate growth and long-term success.

L’Attitude Ventures leans into its portfolio of companies, with full access to its Advisory Network as well as development resources, mentoring/coaching, and strategic guidance. L’Attitude Ventures is built for and committed to an open-door relationship that tackles all challenges, big and small, facing its founders

current investments

For Match-Up 2019, after over 1,800 touch points, including 720 accelerators and 126 LatinX VCs, 58 high-quality applicants were narrowed to 9 highly competitive startups ready for the national stage. L’Attitude Ventures deployed $1.1M across the best 5 of 9 pitch finalists. The disciplined and determined entrepreneurs in our 2019 portfolio have all already hit key milestones and secured promising partnerships. The remaining capital of L’Attitude Ventures Fund I is reserved for follow-on investments and future Match-Up winners.

2019 match-up funded finalists

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